Panhandle Foundation Repair

Expect nothing less than the best from Panhandle foundation repair. State-of-the art repairs paired with high quality control standards means you’ll be getting the finest repairs which are designed specifically for Amarillo & the Texas Panhandle soil.  Read More

Foundation Drainage Services

Sometimes managing foundation problems is as simple as good drainage. Many foundation problems are caused by poor foundation drainage. Get the right drainage solutions for your foundation.
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Sewer Line Replacement Services

We will tunnel under your slab which avoids having to break holes inside your home to repair a leak so repairing a sewer line is cleaner and more efficient. We give you a set cost for this so there will be no surprises.
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Panhandle Foundation Repair’s knowledgeable staff accurately assesses foundation movement situations because they use quality products with the industry’s leading warranties. Thus, Panhandle Foundation Repair provides sound methods for your foundation leveling needs.
– L. Brooks P.E.